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Text Box: Supply Chain Management (SCM) is all about planning, implementing and controlling the operations of your organization. This includes the flows of goods, information and money.
SCM spans from your suppliers’ suppliers till your customers’ customers.

Improving Supply Chain Performance will lead to improved business results. This requires internal linking and external collaboration and focus on processes and results.

The path to excellence is a journey of a continuous improvement process that any professional should walk to achieve improved business results.


“Mind is like a parachute.

It works better when it’s open” Rickson Gracie - 2001

Text Box: With our broad offering of services in projects, training/coaching and interim management in our field of expertise, we have been able to support and guide different companies in optimizing their processes in SCM and Logistics

Ø	PROJECTS : Projects like Supply Chain (re)engineering, cost saving programs, organization and process improvement projects, subcontracting management including complex make or buy projects, supplier performance management.

Ø	TRAINING/COACHING : During our missions we transfer our knowledge and expertise and set up a training/coaching program for our customers. This ensures long term project benefits. 

Ø	INTERIM MANAGEMENT : In many cases we have taken over the operational responsibilities from Managers and Directors for 3 to 12 months, in domains like warehouse management, supply chain, logistics….


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